Religion & Spirituality


A path to healing

After a risky back surgery, a man in his 40’s ended up paralysed. He was told that he will never be able to walk again. After years of suffering, he found a path to healing in practising yoga.

This inner journey not only brings him back in touch with himself, but also opens him to different people. In the farthest reaches of the world, he meets fascinating human beings that have also been saved thanks to yoga.


Gastronomy in the Vatican

What do popes eat? How do people eat in the Vatican?

From Eve’s apple to the miracles, food has always had a special place among Roman Catholics.

This film opens the lid on a little known world: the gastronomy of the Vatican.


Understanding 1.6 billion people

Islam is very much in the zeitgeist and the center of attention the world over. Yet, this is a religion that many barely know.

INSIDE ISLAM provides an opportunity to better understand this religion though extensive journeys to 15 Islamic countries. The series addresses questions such as what does the word “Koran” mean, who was Allah, how people live their faith in different places, what’s their cultural heritage and how it spread across continents.

We explore various faces of Islam, which enable us to take a new look at one of the oldest and widely practiced religion on earth.


A doomed paradise

The Maldives archipelago, made of idyllic islands lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is a fragile paradise.

Global warming is already causing coral destruction, rising sea levels and coastal erosion. Eventually, 80% of the Maldives could be submerged. Tourism has harmful effects such as the accumulation of waste, some of which is toxic, that pollutes the transparent lagoons.

Moreover, this postcard setting also hides an Islamic republic that, unbeknownst to the tourists, strictly applies the Sharia.


The Islamic yoke

They cut the hands of thieves, veil women, prohibit music and dance.

In northern Mali Islamist extremists have imposed their laws. A vision of Islam that many Malians do not adhere to so they flee to the capital, Bamako, where they can still enjoy freedom.

This film follows the lives of those living on the other side of an invisible border where the Sharia law prevails.


Before the disaster

Notre-Dame de Paris has been a landmark in the heart of Paris since 1163.

Close to 15 million pilgrims and visitors coming from all over the world has made it the most visited monument in Europe. A gothic piece of art, it is first and foremost "the House of God and the Abode of Men".

This film presents exceptional views and 3D imaging to reveal details of the various masterpieces while being enchanted by the music and beauty of liturgical celebrations.


A new craze

For centuries, Asian families have been going on temple retreats lasting anything from a few days to a few years. Now, Westerners are turning to this way of getting in touch with their inner souls.

In recent years, this craving for spirituality has led to an increase of people to exotic destinations, such as monasteries, meditation centers, retreat camps, or specialized tours.

But are these spiritual quests around the world appropriate for everyone?


The peaceful coexistence of religions

Father Emile Bombiri was born in Daboura, a village in Burkina Faso. Eschewing strong local traditions, he decided to become a priest and dedicate his life to the development of his village, regardless of the creeds of its inhabitants.

Dabura was home to the Bwabas, a mostly fetishist tribe with 20% of them Catholics. Driven by poor harvests, the Mossis started settling here in the 1940’s. In the following years, more followed and this Muslim ethnic group overtook the Bwabas.

Father Bombiri has initiated many great projects and ensures that the communities respect each other and live alongside peacefully.


What we see may not be real. What is real we may not see.

Li Kim and her team investigate classified, strange and unexplained phenomena in Asia.

Do you dare to sit in a cemetery at night? Make contact with the unseen residents of haunted houses? Touch the bloody remains of a cursed fetus? Venture into the realms of dreams and past lives?

Li Kim talks to celebrities, researchers, practitioners, enthusiasts, believers and skeptics about their supernatural encounters. She will do about anything to bring the paranormal experience right out of your television screen.