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A poetic journey to the origins of Brazil

Menelaw Sete, the "Brazilian Picasso", dreamed of a time when his country was a paradise, populated by people living in communion with nature. The arrival of greedy men from far away upset everything. He saw the red from the blood they shed and the black of the men torn from Africa. He saw Anahi, a young Indian girl, and Mountaga Bayo, an African prince enslaved. Their paths eventually crossed and they fell in love.

In this film, Menelaw walks in their footsteps, from the shores of the Bay of All Saints to the forests of Bahia and, through his painting, tells this improbable encounter, the legend of the birth of his country.

Between past and present, Brazil's oldest colonial settlement reveals the secrets of its history and the descendants of its oppressed people.


Carving Divinity

Miyabori is a traditional wood carving technique used in Japanese temples and shrines. It’s an obscure and underrated form of art which has been offered a new life thanks to long trained and skillful masters.

Elizabeth Tinsley, a specialist in Buddhist culture and former fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is exploring landmarks as well as workshops of Miyabori master carvers to unveil this Japanese hidden treasure which has might have inspired Hokusai’s Great Wave.


From the Edo era to the more recent industrial period

Japan has a long and rich history covering many areas and the best way to approach these many facets is to visit the museums scattered around the country.

This series spans the Edo era to the more recent industrial period.


Acting criminals

Rebibbia, Italy's largest high-security prison, houses convicts with long jail terms.

Mafia members, criminals, traffickers, most of them never entered a theatre. However, a performance hall, quite unusual in a prison facility, welcomes them three times a week to introduce them to this art.

A woman, Laura Andreini Salerno, convinced them to leave their cells for a unique experience: to put together a play that they will perform in a few months in front of their fellow inmates and wardens.


Japan is often associated with notion of excellence, durability, extreme attention to details, craftmanship and tradition. Every handcrafted product or design combines love and beauty.

There’s love and beauty in every handcrafted product and design unveiled in this series, like the famous Kyoto’s silk, Sabae eye-wear, samurai armor or even mundane frying pans.


The architect of the elements

Itami Jun is Japanese-born Korean architect.

In this film, he revisits the places he cherished, more specifically the thoughtful and sensitive architectural works he designed.

His original and innovative approach has been revealed in the design of ensembles and by a meticulous choice of materials. Favouring wood, stone and metal, he has revived the tradition of harmony with nature for a more humane architecture.

Also available as a 52'


The architect of the elements

Itami Jun is Japanese-born Korean architect.

In this film, he revisits the places he cherished, more specifically the thoughtful and sensitive architectural works he designed.

His original and innovative approach has been revealed in the design of ensembles and by a meticulous choice of materials. Favouring wood, stone and metal, he has revived the tradition of harmony with nature for a more humane architecture.

Also available as a 112'


The many faces of an icon

Al Pacino made it onto the big stages, from Broadway to Hollywood, but, being extremely shy, is still somehow a mystery.

At the beginning of the 70’s, he got his first international success as Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" which was followed by legendary screen heroes such as drug lord Tony Montana, New York cop Serpico, bank robber Sonny Wortzig or blind colonel Frank Slade.

At nearly 80 years of age, Al Pacino continues to show his versatility by appearing both on stage and in front of the camera. He is a man with many faces. A gifted actor and a reluctant star.


One of the greatest playwrights

Born in New York in 1915, Arthur Miller has created over the course of seven decades some of the most memorable stage plays in the world of literature, becoming one of the greatest playwrights of the century. He never stopped to be curious and was always pushing his own limits.

This is a portrait of a fascinating man who, by marrying Marilyn Monroe, turned into a real American icon as their couple embodied glamour, success and love in the 20th century.


The bonds of love test

A contestant is facing the back of 4 people. They all look alike but only one is that dear person close to him.

With letters and clues given to him, every step of the game will bring them closer or farther away. A dramatic way to witness how strong is the bond between 2 persons.

BACK SHOT is more than a game, it’s a human drama.


Between arthouse films and popular movies

With 74 films and 160 million tickets sold, Jean-Paul Belmondo has been the greatest star of French cinema. If the word "bankable" had existed at the time, it would have applied to him.

People under 30 don’t know that he played with all the Nouvelle Vague directors: Godard, Melville, Sautet, Malle, Resnais and Chabrol. People over 50 cannot forget his ebulliency, his show of strength and the stunts he performed himself.

Belmondo on one end, Bébel on the other, between arthouse films and popular movies.

Also available as 90mns


The silver screen escape

On May 21, 1913, India screened its first film: “Raja Harishchandra“. A hundred years later, the movie industry has grown into a colossal institution. Every day, 30 million people flock to the theaters which sell 5 billion tickets every year.

For Indians, movies are more than just entertainment. It is a sacred ritual. A chance to dream and forget their daily lives in the company of the greatest Bollywood stars.


A 1000 year-old tradition becomes hip

A young apprentice is given a mission: to find a new audience for a 1000 year-old tradition to prevent it from disappearing and achieve his master's dying wish to bring peace to the world. He is dogged by failures until he decides to merge bonsai, fashion and street music thereby abandoning time-honoured approaches.

Along the way he discovers a path to peace by using bonsai to heal the trauma of war and other challenges of modern life.

BONSAI BAD BOY follows the worldwide journey of a humble man turning an ancient tradition into performance art for a new generation.


Bruce Willis is undoubtedly one of Hollywood biggest stars. From his debut in the series "Moonlighting", to his roles as John McClane in "Die Hard" or as Butch in "Pulp Fiction", his career covers more than a hundred roles and as many unforgettable punchlines.

Over 40 years, Bruce Willis has built such an extensive body of work that he can’t be easily pigeon-holed. From comedy to action films, his choices have been unconventional and has turned Hollywood’s codes upside own. The star with a thousand hats has continuously expanded his palette, allowing him to join the rank of cult actors.

Driven by challenge and curiosity, Bruce Willis has worked with the greatest directors; he has been on top of the box office many times, and has always been able to bounce back after having endured criticism and failures.


Suspense, revolt and stars

"I'm talking to you about solidarity with students and workers and you're talking to me about travelling and close-ups! ». Jean-Luc Godard, May 1968.

That year, the most interesting film in Cannes was the one that took place outside the theaters.

Featuring numerous archives and unreleased testimonies, this film recounts the aborted edition of the 1968 Cannes Film Festival.


The modernizing of a traditional art

An Italian choregraph travels to the Indian tribal areas of West Bengal and Jharkhand, home of an exhausting male dance using enormous masks.

Like India, this spectacular art form is in mutation, opening to foreigners and female performers.

CHHAU NACH is a colorful journey and a reflexion at how traditional art can benefit from modernity.


A self-portrait

Swiss-born photographer Robert Frank is notorious for having revolutionized photography and independent film. His portraits are snapshots that capture the moment whether they depict the lives of London bankers, Welsh miners or rock stars like the Stones.

He opens up in front of the camera of his long-standing collaborator, Laura Israel and looks back, self-confidently but also self-deprecatingly, at his life and work.

The film shows us an artist in action; the witness of an era which remembers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg with whom he made films that defined the Beat generation.

Also available in 82'


The return of the outdoor movie screen

The drive-in was the ultimate symbol of a carefree and newly motorized American youth in the 60’s and 70’s. Even though the changing culture made them disappear decades ago, they have been enjoying a recent revival thanks to many enthusiasts.

With screens springing up all across the US, moviegoers of all ages, families and young couples can now turn again their windshields into giant screens.


One of the most significant contemporary artists

This film traces the extraordinary human and artistic vicissitude of the great painter through the pages of his diary, rare archives and contributions from artists, curators, collaborators and friends.

Against the backdrop of the political, social and artistic history that characterized the 20th century, and thanks to Toni Servillo's passionate interpretation and the almost personal and direct dialogue he conducts with Vedova, we focus on the personality of one of the most significant contemporary artists.

FOR ART’S SAKE [7x45’]

Mixing the old with the new

From the jungles of Borneo and Papua New Guinea, the cultural bylanes of Indonesia and Thailand, from the age-old Geisha tradition in Japan to bold experiments in Singapore, outstanding people are breaking new grounds and pushing the limits, just FOR ART’S SAKE.


The man behind the winning smile

This film takes us behind the scenes to tell the story of the man known as "the Voice". What kind of person was Francis Albert Sinatra and what were the keys to his success?

We meet the man behind the winning smile and show why Sinatra became a big star, an icon and to many a hero, even though he was suffering many traumas, that influenced an entire era.

Also available in 52mns.


A shattered destiny

Guillaume Depardieu, who died at the age of 37, was famous French actor Géard Depardieu’s son.

Through the testimony of those who met him, this film is a portrait of a complex personality. It is the story of a destiny that was shattered too soon, that of a wounded man, revolted, disturbed by childhood and to whom adulthood brought no peace. A man with a rare talent, that of being able to express himself with amazing virtuosity both as an actor and as a musician.


Painting China in the mid-19th century

George Chinnery was one of the first and most notable European artists to live in Southern China prior to the arrival of photography. His sketches, watercolours and oil paintings are held in private collections and museums worldwide.

This film depicts the life and works of the English painter during his years in Macao in the mid-19th century. The artist’s work captures vividly the Chinese culture and the way of life for expatriates in the Far East during the China Trade and Opium War years from 1825 to 1860.


A playful panorama of an enchanting genre

More than a simple cinematographic genre, the musical is a state of mind, a kind of magic which can touch many things, our memories of course but also unexpected realms.

This film offers a playful panorama of an enchanting genre.


A naturally gifted and legendary actor

Lino Ventura was a naturally gifted actor, one of the most familiar faces of French cinema and a man who took quite a revenge on life.

Director Jean-Pierre Melville said he could play anything. So why did he turn down so many important roles? Why did he only chose worthy characters? Why did he, somehow, limit himself?

This portrait reveals the childhood of an Italian immigrant subject to shame and humiliation. Behind the figure of a burly man is a boy with many wounds. It will inform his entire career which then appears in a different light. If the actor has limited himself, the man has fully succeeded in life.

MADE IN KYOTO [25x26’]

A culture of craftsmanship and excellence

Kyoto's allure lies not only in its shrines and temples or the elegance of the city.

Since the year 794, Kyoto flourished as the capital of Japan, leading the way in the arts, architecture and commerce. The essence of the country’s culture was born in this very town and has been refined and passed down.

This series introduces artistry at its best created and nurtured by the local masters who know true craftsmanship and excellence.


Music everywhere

As head of the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra, Kent Nagano has conducted many original projects that demonstrate his marked interest in the culture of his new home country.

Above all, he wants to understand the people around him and bring them the music wherever they are: a concert at the Maison Symphonique, on national or international tours, a concert at the Molson Brewery or at the Bell Center (an indoor sports arena).

This is the portrait of a great maestro fascinated by classical and contemporary music.


A creation mixing classical and Asian dance

On the stage of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, more than 40 artists perform the ballet MARCO POLO.

In telling the story of the famous explorer who discovered the splendour and power of the Chinese Empire, it provides intriguing insights into the source of the fascination China holds for the West and the West for China. The meeting between the Venetian adventurer and Kublai Khan is the stuff of legend and choreographer Luciano Cannito turns it into one of his greatest production.

At the crossroads of classical and Asian dance, this work requires the performers to express their academic skills whilst simultaneously immersing themselves in a body language that conjures up distant shores.


The private concert

Marianne Trudel, who has already released 6 albums, is a pianist, composer, improviser and arranger. Her music, inspired by french songs, brazilian rythm and contemporary jazz, bears testimony to her openess to the world. Energetic and passionate, she has a busy career as a performer either solo or with diverse formations.

This private concert, where she performs 10 of her original compositions, was filmed at the legendary Upstairs Club.


Secrets from the old trunk

50 years after Marilyn Monroe's death, a new and unexpected element surface: secrets locked in an old trunk.

UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE takes us from Tokyo to Paris, via New York and Los Angeles, in the footsteps of this mysterious trunk that would have belonged to Marilyn.

Through this chest, we delve into the intimacy of the most famous blonde in the history of cinema.


Polishing as an art

Unbeknownst to many, polishing is an art in Japan and it is called Migaku.

Masters of this traditional craft share a sense of beauty and take pride in the happiness they bring to Migaku related items. Indeed, what emerges after polishing are things that shine, sparkle and smiles, characteristics we witness through several encounters and testimonies.


The French "Madame Tussaud"

The Grévin Museum opened in 1882, in Paris. It showcases some 250 characters from across the world, ranging from actors, writers, sports athletes and other well known personalities. More than 800,000 people are visiting each year.

Thomas, a 12 years old kid, decides to lock himself inside the Museum. He finds the place fascinating and has planned to spend the night there. At closing time, he manages to hide from the security guards and is about to discover the mysterious world of wax figures who have a tendancy to become quite animated during the night.

This film reveals the secrets of the Museum by day and night.


A literary pilgrimage

This series offers an enchanting journey, a literary pilgrimage combining fascinating and unusual places with the intimate discovery of genius authors who have reinvented their time and who continue to influence today’s minds.

Are covered such illustrious writers as Ronsard, Corneille, Montaigne, Voltaire, Balzac, Sand, Hugo, Flaubert, Dumas, Zola, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Vigny, Madame de Staël, la Comtesse de Ségur, Daudet, Maupassant...

ONCE UPON A TIME... [3x52’]

The genesis of stories

Beyond the realm of reality, the human imagination has been confronted from time immemorial with the mysteries of the world and the universe. It had no other choice than to dream hidden meanings, to lend, to the strange facts of this unknown world, faces and adventures capable of crystallizing its fears to better overcome them.

This is how stories beginning with "Once upon a time…" were born.


It makes Hollywood look dull

Hollywood produces 500 films per year on average when Bollywood produces more than 1000. Its colourful industry is drawing Russian ballerinas, star look-alikes who become heroes of the masses, fans who go to ridiculous lengths for their idols, stuntmen who risk life and limb and scores of non-Indians who want to try their luck. It has inspired an entire village that works towards churning out plagiarized films of local and American box office hits.

ONLY IN BOLLYWOOD starts off in Singapore where it establishes this cinematic genre reach in the region and the world, then follows several endearing characters and their stories of passion, grit and a never-say-die attitude epitomizing the Bollywood dream in a way unparalleled to any other film industry.

SEX & MUSIC [4x52’]

The evolution of our mores by way of songs

Did you know that in the 50's, only 3% of pop songs mentioned sex? In the 70's, that number jumped to 40% and, in 2009, 92% of the songs were talking about sex.

This series reveals the influence of the major pop music genres on our sexual lives and, in return, the influence of our sex lives on music.


The masterminds behind the most popular series

Today, American series have become masterpieces of creativity and storytelling.

However, rarely do we hear the showrunners themselves talk about their work.

In this series, exclusive interviews have been conducted with 12 showrunners that are at the top of their game.


A musical journey

Gregory Walker is a concert violinist who feels trapped in the classical music culture and being forced to perform the big hits of classical music season after season. He sets out on a personal journey, in search of renewed inspiration.

He’ll find it Kerala, the picturesque state of South India, by meeting new friends, renewing old acquaintances and learning the challenging melodic and rhythmic variations in the rich tradition of Indian music.

Gregory's entire journey of thousands of miles is eventually distilled into a short collection of just 13 simple notes.

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND... [4x52’]

Cinema heroes

Some characters seem to have always belonged to the 7th art : the soldier, the psychopath, the alien, the robot... These heroic or mythical characters are strongly linked to a cinema genre and obey unwritten rules followed by the directors.

This series offers a rendez-vous with these heroes of cinema, sometimes fascinating and moving, some other times ambiguous and repulsive.


The greatest art geniuses

These masters of painting have been piercing observers of their times, leaving their works for posterity.

Often misunderstood, even harassed by the critics, they were trailblazers of new artistic movements which transformed art forever and still fascinate scholars today.

This series is a thrilling journey into the world of the greatest painting geniuses.


When entertainment becomes art

Animation is one of today’s most popular forms of entertainment which makes great use of ever evolving technologies. However its origin goes way back, in a long forgotten traditional art that a Japanese shadow master wants to bring to a new audience.

His quest takes him to a remote village deep into Malaysia’s tropical forest in the midst of the monsoon, in search of a master puppeteer who knows the secrets of the shadows immortality.


Behind the myth

In the age of mass media, the death of a star is always a public event that is exploited, serving a thirst for sensationalism.

This series shows the women and the men behind their myths, their reported success and early fame, before succumbing to despair and tragedy. It explores how the gap between their actual lives and public personae promotes contemporary legends.


Creativity, excellence and know-how

In the secret world of art workshops, creativity combines with excellence and know-how while still respecting traditions.

Master craftsmen, working for the most famous French luxury companies such as Louis Vuitton, Chaumet in the Place Vendôme or the Manufacture de Sèvres, use wood, glass, leather or other exceptional materials.

They share with us their passion and secrets of their art.


The soul music of Northeast Brazil

Northeast Brazil moves to the beat of “forró”, a music that is an integral part of the life and culture of the region.

PARAIBA MEU AMOR explores the history, presents interviews and covers live sessions to understand how this music came to represent the spirit of the Northeast and the Sertão.

In such a dry and arid land, the “forró” has greatly influenced the people and their culture.


The soul music of Northeast Brazil

Northeast Brazil moves to the beat of “forró”, a music that is an integral part of the life and culture of the region.

PARAIBA MEU AMOR explores the history, presents interviews and covers live sessions to understand how this music came to represent the spirit of the Northeast and the Sertão.

In such a dry and arid land, the “forró” has greatly influenced the people and their culture.


The inaccessible heights of the City of Lights

This visually striking documentary takes you to a fascinating land perched high above the streets of Paris. Moving from one roof to another, you will meet the people who work on the roofs and those who design or paint them... There are also those who break the law to roam the city heights, and others who live contentedly on the tops of their buildings enjoying magnificent views, relaxing in hidden gardens or bathing in their very private swimming pools.

Through this journey of the unique urban landscape of Paris, you will uncover hidden facets of its architecture, unravel the threads of its history, and meet those who have created their own little world between gleaming slate and deep blue sky.

THE ROOFTOPS OF PARIS is a poetic hymn to the stunning beauty of the City of Lights.