LIPOWO [8x52’]

A conspiracy of silence

Weronika, a writer, has decided to flee the capital and settle in Lipowo, a peaceful little town surrounded by forests and lakes, where everyone knows each other and where Christian morality competes with the paganism of ancient times.

Shortly after her arrival, tragic events unfold: a nun from the local convent is found dead.

The local police chief, unaccustomed to blood crimes, lets Weronika join the investigation. Together, they confront a town accustomed to silence where the inhabitants carry many secrets.


Profiling a serial killer

A young student is found dead, her mutilated body bearing many marks. Everything seems to point to a ritualistic murder, the work of a serial killer. Commissioner Agnieszka Polkowska teams up for the occasion with Tomasz Mrowiec.

Agnieszka and Tomasz will have to decipher the psychology of the killer, but will they be able to identify him before he acts again?

In this investigation, the identity of the perpetrator is immediately revealed in order to focus the plot on his psychology and the reasons for his actions.


Inspired by real-life events

There's a quick and easy alternative to overcrowded courts: arbitration. Regulated by law, this procedure allows disputes to be settled by a professional arbitrator whose decision is enforceable.

Inspired by real-life events, each episode follows the trial of a case between two parties: a neighborhood problem, a contentious inheritance, unfair dismissal, bullying at school, or a consumer scam. These are just some disputes that plague everyday life if they are not resolved swiftly.

During these hearings, the arbitrators must sort out the facts to bring out the truth and reach the fairest decision possible.


Model parents?

When Nikola, 3 years old, disappears from his home with no sign of forced entry or violence, his parents, Angelika and David, quickly become the main suspects.

Helpless and distraught, Angelika seeks the help of an old friend, Joanna, a brilliant, combative, and cynical lawyer.

Joanna accepts the case but doesn't rule out any leads, and searching for the truth will be painful.


Ichiro is a pessimistic elementary school teacher whose life has been dull until he miraculously starts dating beautiful Yukika Sasaki.

He almost feels he doesn’t deserve such a happy life and falls into despair after testing out his friend Yohei’s creation: a VR machine that shows the past. This experience reveals a side of his girlfriend that he didn’t know.

Yukika, who looked so innocent, had such a wild past. Can he accept his girlfriend for who she was and love who she is now?


The book of Love

At 26, Kanoko Tsukishiro has never experienced love. After getting her dream job as an editor in the literature department of a publishing company, Kanoko is assigned to oversee the works of the wildly popular mystery writer, Saku Kagaya.

Kagaya holds a special place in Kanoko’s heart as he is the one who taught her about “first love” through his books.

Kanoko tries her best to work in tandem with Kagaya to produce another hit, but the author remains noncommittal and aloof. Slowly, Kanoko becomes attracted to him.


The clothes do not make the woman

Rome and Emma’s marriage is seemingly a perfect one. But after some years, Emma begins to neglect her appearance. In contrast, Rome is envious of his friends whose wives take good care of themselves and who always accompany their husbands to social gatherings.

One day, Rome crosses paths with Georgia, Emma’s old friend. She flirts with Rome and they eventually fall in love and have an affair. When Emma discovers it, Rome chooses to stay with Georgia. Soon after, Rome, Georgia and Austin, the son he has had with Emma, leave to start a new life abroad.

After a few years, Rome, Georgia and Austin are back. By this time, Emma has recovered from her heartbreak and has reinvented herself into a beautiful and successful businesswoman. When Emma and Rome cross paths, he is stunned by her transformation. Rome realizes his mistake and plans to return to Emma. But Georgia has other plans.

AMOR DE AMORES [130x45’]

Secrets, love and drama under the balmy sun of southern France

After a 17-year absence, Claire travels back to southern France with her teenage son, Theo.

Her return is motivated by a family secret: she is supposed to meet with a childhood friend who has information regarding her sister’s death. But when the friend is murdered, Claire is taken into custody and accused of the crime.

To clear her name, Claire has no choice but to delve into the past and suffer the consequences.


Where all kinds of colourful characters meet

In a barbershop located in one of the strongholds of the African diaspora in Paris, Grand Prêtre, a bad barber, dreamer and unintentional comic tries to salvage his business thanks to his indispensable wife, Mère Bijou, who clearly wears the pants in the house.

The shop is where all kinds of colourful characters meet. We catch up with 2 regulars: Vieux Soulard, a professional soccer player famous in Mobutu’s time, and Aller-Retour, who gets the most unlikely customers in.


Burned. Forgotten. Resurrected.

An aspiring interior designer, Joyce wants to start a family with her boyfriend, Noel. One day, Joyce meets Ronaldo, a major client who mistakes her for a high-class prostitute. When he moves to defile her, she resists and accidentally falls down the stairs. Panicked, thinking she is dead, Ronaldo burns her body and dumps it deep in the forest.

Years later, having moved on from his grief, Noel meets Kristine, a beautiful plastic surgeon. She is also Ronaldo’s illegitimate daughter. One night, Kristine gets into trouble but is rescued by a homeless woman with burnt skin. In gratitude, Kristine surgically restores the charred woman’s body. With a new lease on life, the homeless woman, Joyce, who is amnesic, assumes the name Lea and starts anew.

Lea eventually finds love in Lawrence, Kristine’s half-brother. But on her wedding day, her lost memories suddenly rush back to her.


Never say never

Andrea is a woman who has lost her belief in love. Several events in her life have made her cynical and distrustful of people. It began when her parents left her at a young age in an orphanage. Most recently, her fiancé abandonned her on their wedding day.

To move on from her heartache, Andrea focuses on her career in fashion where she works as an executive assistant to Jaime. Although Andrea has swore to place career before love, her feelings change when she becomes close to her boss. They begin to date and develop deeper feelings for each other.

One day, Jaime introduces Andrea to his children as his new girlfriend and their future stepmother. Is Andrea prepared to take on this commitment? What will she do if Oliver comes back to her?

BLOOD TIES [161x45’]

The tragic destiny of two sisters

Years ago, tragedy struck the peaceful Nogueira family during a picnic near a river. Their two daughters, Ines and Marta, fell into the water and were swept away by the current. The father succeeded in saving the elder daughter, Ines, but lost his life trying to reach the younger one. The latter has been taken in by a modest family who adopted her and named her Diana.

Years later, when her memory returns, Diana decides to find her real family and to take revenge on her sister, whom she holds responsible for the death of their father and the miserable life she was forced to lead.


A new kind of gourmet drama series

Throughout Japan, there are many delicious foods and drinks that are full of originality.

A company employee traveling to various destinations tries out box meals on his train ride home.

He shares his experiences on social media as he enjoys his food, and suddenly, the Shinkansen becomes a personal izakaya, a Japanese-style pub with infinite possibilities.


Crime investigator and aspiring actress

Anya is a joyful young criminal investigator that always finds unorthodox ways to handle dangerous situations and to solve cases.

But her dream is to become an actress and, while waiting for her big moment, she’s working on the side as a stuntwoman, providing the film set with police equipment or anything she can access from the evidence room.

Each episode is one-off investigation where humor is prevalent.


A sweet and bitter love story

Risa is a college student who is popular with boys who see her as inacessible. However, she has zero experience in love. Risa keeps saying : "if I’m going to fall in love, I want it to be so sweet it'll melt my heart".

One day, as she is being harassed by a guy, she is rescued by Hiroto, a sophisticated man who looks great in a suit. To thank him, Risa agrees to dinner… which leads to their first kiss… which leads to…

This is the story of a doting love that's slightly bitter yet super sweet.


The inevitable game of cat and mouse between cops and criminal

Season 1
At dawn, in a muddy field next to a dairy farm, a car lies flipped on its side with its doors open. Close by, 2 bodies lie on the frozen ground. Chief investigator of the regional office, 37-year-old Constance Forest is sent to the scene. But the double killing is only the beginning of a murderous saga.

Season 2
It all starts when Café Firenze, one of the rallying points of the Italian Mafia, is stormed by a masked gunman who kills the godfather's nephew. The main witness to this whole affair, Jimmy O’Connor, is also a member of the Lauzon criminal clan. That same evening, the mysterious disappearance of the head of Lauzon clan muddles the issue further.

Season 3
Turkeys are walking in a Crop Circle in the center of which is the body of Benoît Charron, a local adept of UFOs. Quickly, the murders multiply in Mascouche. This is most likely related to the early release of a notorious criminal who has come to recover his share of a local drug deal.


Worthless but hot

They are the most passive, incompetent, and hot detectives ever to enter the police force.

They never solve any crimes, but, man, are they cool.


My heart for a village

Sinag lives in a struggling mountain town. Her main goal is to uplift her community and protect the land from the people who want to take it away.

Benjie is a handsome architect who, after years of separation, reunites with his wealthy grandfather. He joins the family real estate business and wants to prove himself worthy. His first test is to acquire a piece of land which the company has wanted for a long time in Sinag’s mountain town. Benjie poses as a tourist to try to convince the people to sell. Unaware of his intentions, Sinag befriends Benjie and graciously welcomes him. She shows him the beauty of the land and, as they spend time together, Benjie falls in love with her.

Benjie is torn between his desire to please his family and his love for Sinag. Which side will he take? How will Sinag and Benjie save the town?

ENVY [26x45’]

A torn family

Diony and Cesar have two children, Ephraim and Glenda. They are a happy family despite living in the slums. One day tragedy strikes. A fire breaks out and their daughter, Glenda is killed. Cesar blames Diony for Glenda’s death and abandons his wife out of resentment.

After years of depression, Diony recovers and works hard to become a successful restaurateur. To fill the void she feels inside her, she adopts a homeless little girl named Angeli. When she comes of age, she helps Diony manage her restaurant business.

12 years later, Cesar suffers a stroke forcing him to beg for Diony’s help. She happily takes back both husband and son. They slowly rebuild their family and surprisingly, Angeli gets along well with Ephraim and secretly develops feelings for him. After some time, Diony crosses paths with another orphan, Santina, and employs her as a cook. She also funds her education.

Santina and Ephraim develop a serious romance. Angeli becomes jealous of Santina, not only because of Ephraim, but also because she now feels that she has to compete for Diony’s attention.


The mediocre talent and the genius

Koichi Asakura struggles with the limitations of his own talent but still hopes to become "someone". Meanwhile, Eren Yamagishi is a tremendously gifted artist who must deal with the pain and loneliness that comes from being a genius.

After a fateful encounter in high school, they eventually go their separate ways, one as a designer in a major advertising agency and the other as a New York based artist.

The mediocre talent and the genius. The two opposites go through failures and setbacks as they try to discover who they really are.


A poignant story of adolescence gone awry

Mitsuru and Koichi, 17-year-old classmates, couldn’t be more different. While the former is a brilliant student who hardly socializes, the latter is cheerful and popular in class. But they share a strong bond.

However, tragedy strikes when Koichi is hit by a truck right before Mitsuru. Despite having no pulse or heartbeat, Koichi gives his usual smile to Mitsuru, who finds it hard to accept his death and believes that he is still "alive."

This poignant story of adolescence explores the complex interplay between life and death, sex and youth.


The burden of memories

Living a simple and happy life, a tragic car accident turns Rosa's life around, as she falls into a coma that lasts several weeks.

She wakes up with no recollection of the past 15 years and suddenly asks for her sister, Narisa, which she has never mentionned before.

Narcisa's comeback reveals a terrible secret.

FULL HOUSE [20x60’]

Losing a house, winning a heart

Aom is a writer who got swindled out of her house during a trip to Korea. She finds out that her property was sold to a famous singer, Mike.

In an attempt to get back what belongs to her, she enters a one year marriage contract with Mike. Though she has lost everything, Aom remains optimistic and takes things in stride.

But what started as a business relationship turns slowly personal as feelings for each other grow.


Cooking made easy for the slackers

Hana loves to eat but is hopeless at keeping house. Her beloved husband, Goro, is always away from home and, as a result, she has grown a bit lazy. She's hungry and looks in the pantry, but there is almost nothing to eat. She decides to make do with whatever is left and concocts a delicious salmon toast. Boosted by her new confidence she decides to explore her cooking talent.

HANA’S LAZY MEAL is a new genre of drama which ends with a quick-and-easy cooking lesson after each episode.

IMPOSTORA [80x45’]

Cinderella’s nightmare

This is the riveting story of Nimfa, a disfigured street vendor who undergoes a complete facial reconstruction to become the lookalike of Rosette, a wealthy and beautiful but cold-hearted unhappily married wife seeking to escape her husband, Homer.

Homer and their kids fall for the new Rosette, unaware of her true identity. The gentle Nimfa has wholeheartedly embraced her new life as a loving wife and caring mother.

But trouble looms when the real Rosette returns to reclaim her family from the impostor.

INVISIBLE [10x52’]

For the love of my brother

Chaka, 13 years old, and Hadjara, 18 years old, are brother and sister. They decide to leave their village and debt-ridden parents to take their chance in the big city of Abidjan.

While Hadjara, the older sister, finds a job, Chaka is drawn to Kouess, the head of a gang. He soon dives into vandalism, drugs, easy money and violence.

Hadjara will stop at nothing to get him out of this predicament.


Love twists and turns

Tae Komada, a baby-face woman who is a master chess player, appears to have a soothing effect on others. On the other hand, Taiga Hinata is a businessman who lacks communication skills and has no experience in love.

Both randomly meet twice a day starting an unusual tale of love at first sight, at least for one of them.

This story is about the imbalance in love feelings and how relationships sometimes take unexpected turns for better or worse.

JACK O FROST [6x24’]

The memory of love

Fumiya and Ritsu meet by chance in an old coffee shop, fall madly in love, and start a happy life together.

But one day, Ritsu leaves home after a quarrel and gets into an accident that causes him to lose his memory. To avoid any emotional distress, Fumiya withholds that they were dating and starts living together as “roommates".

Will Ritsu get his memory back? How will their relationship evolve?

JINXED [13x60’]

Opposites attract

Set in Osaka, high-spirited yakuza Kuwahara and buttoned-down construction consultant Ninomiya form an odd couple as they rail against the city's "bad elements", drawn to money like sharks to the scent of blood.

Laced with witty banter, JINXED is a gritty, hard-boiled drama full of violent thrills that defies all expectations.

JONGO [16x22’]

The power of the crystal

Set in modern-day Johannesburg, JONGO tells the story of a young man, Eli, who acquires supernatural abilities from an alien crystal found in a cave. The stone has been bequeath to him by his father, an enslaved miner who has been murdered shortly after escaping from the cave.

As Eli tries to deal with the death of his father and sets out to find the men responsible, he must also grapple with his new powers and how they alter the course of his life.

But what Eli doesn’t know is that the men he is hunting down have crystals of their own and need his stone to fulfill an ancient and devastating prophecy that threatens the lives of millions.


The physical power of love

Aki is a freelance writer who is frustrated by her efforts to find work.

When her boyfriend jilts her, she moves to a friend’s house. There, she reunites with her first boyfriend to whom she lost her virginity. He confesses he hasn’t been able to "get it up" for 2 years, but when he accidently touches Aki, lo and behold, he responds.

He swears he won’t do anything perverted, but asks Aki to help him.

KISS ME [20x60’]

The Beauty and the Handsome

Tenten has just returned from Japan with his family. He is a new student at the local high school but one who is extremely brilliant with an IQ of 200, as well as being handsome.

Meanwhile, Taliw is a cute, lively and clumsy girl who develops a crush on Tenten.

Yet, Taliw is not confortable with her feelings as Tenten sometimes treats her kindly and care while, some other times, teases and embarrasses her in front of all the students.


Your words will be repeated and distorted

Childhood friends Charlotte, Ngringa, Dégé, Patrick et Yann love to gossip. They call each other all the time to update and discuss the latest saucy hearsay.

The problem is that from one to the other, words are repeated and distorted and end up provoking funny situations.


An eye for an eye

Grace is a promising law student who wants to reopen her father’s kidnapping case and clear his name. She strongly believes that he is innocent and deserves to be acquitted from his life sentence. However, her goals are shattered on the night she celebrates her passing the bar exam. At the party, she is drugged and raped and when she manages to run away, she accidentally crashes into a glass panel. Her injuries permanently blind her.

In his jail cell, Grace’s father hears about his daughter’s accident and dies of cardiac arrest. Grace is devastated. Soon after, she meets Edward, a lawyer who helps her investigate her kidnapping and rape. He stays by her through thick and thin, and eventually they fall in love and get engaged.

However, Edward uncovers the rapist’s identity: it’s his brother, William. Torn between his love for his fiancée and his brother, whose side will Edward take?

LIAR [10x24’]

Love mysterious ways

Misao works for a trading company and despises her colleague, Ichikawa, for his brutal and direct nature. But love having mysterious ways, Misao develops feelings for Ichikawa, which are reciprocated. They end up in a relationship.

However, Ichikawa is already dating another woman.

Misao is confused but can’t help continuing her "forbidden love" with Ichikawa, knowing he is cheating on his girlfriend.


Convicted for a crime he did not commit

Miguel and Luísa, in love since their teens, are planning to get married and fulfill their lifelong dream. But everything turns for the worst during a vacation in South Africa when Luisa's father is murdered. Wrongly accused, Miguel is sent to jail.

When he returns to Portugal after completing his sentence, Miguel finds Luísa married to his best friend and mother of Catarina. He discovers the child is his daughter and decides to stay to fight for the girl, determined to make up for the 10 years they missed out and become a father to her.

LOCK-ON LOVE [5x30’]

Can a loser win the girl of his dreams?

In each episode the main character is a loser who, along with his loser friends, get embroiled in love escapades throughout the campus.

Can these fellows, who are living the antithesis of the “fulfilled” life, truly win the girl of their dreams?

From the original manga of the same title by Nana Shiiba.


The doppelganger

Kenta, a director, and his assistant are in Hong Kong filming a documentary featuring Japanese celebrity Elly.

During filming, Elly is kidnapped by Daniel. Amidst the uproar, Kenta meets a woman named Maki who has come to Hong Kong to meet a man she dated through a website, but has yet to see him. Since Maki didn’t have the confidence to use her own image, she used Elly’s face as her online icon. Unbeknowst to Daniel, he kidnapped the wrong girl.

Through the most unusual circumstances, the paths of these protagonists become entangled as they scurry around the city.

LOVE AND LIES [24x60’]

Sometimes truth is better

Mild, an actress, has become famous in a flash. She urgently needs to surround herself with a PR crew led by Tim, and intelligent and brash man.

His way of putting down scandals for his artists is to use lies, the scheme his mother kept preaching him not to do.


Bullying at school

Kazuma is unable to save his twin sister, Ichika, from being bullied.

One day, a mysterious and good-looking student, Sara, arrives at his school. She walks up to Kazuma and taunts him for his inability to help his sister.


A chef and a confidant

It’s midnight and the lights of the Tokyo eatery Midnight Diner are just flickering on. As most of the city falls aleep, clients come in for good food and conversation. The menu only lists pork, rice and soup but, on request, the chef will make almost anything, trusting he has the ingredients.

Despite his stern appearance, the eccentric chef is a friendly listener who draws out interesting stories from the variety of patrons.

At this late hour, his customers include characters from all walks of life including office workers, washed up singers, failed actors, strippers and gangsters.


Nourishing bodies and souls

A small eatery called Meshiya, also known as Midnight Diner, sits in the back alley of a bustling district of Tokyo.

Starting right at midnight, the chef serves custom-made dishes with a side of solace for his patrons, who bring both their appetites and a story to tell.

In this mundane diner, they find simple yet profound connections with one another, nourishment for their bellies and their souls based on the shared love of a particular dish.


Suspense and dark humour Hitchcock's style

The distinguished "Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine" published many great crime stories which never made it to the screen. Until now.

Investigation upon investigation, Jean-Pierre Mocky takes us into a world of deep suspense and dark humour, tipping his hat to the great British director.

Each episode is graced with a stellar cast of famous cinema names: Victoria Abril, Michel Piccoli, Frédéric Diefenthal, Gaspard Ulliel, Claude Brasseur, Béatrice Dalle, Richard Bohringer, to name a few.


Hunting the "Vitebsk Strangler"

From 1971 to 1985, the "Vitebsk Strangler" tortured and killed 36 women in Belarus. No one made the connection between the different murders and suspected a serial killer until 1984, when Leonid, an investigator who had come from Minsk for something else, began to look into the cases.

Confronted with the inertia, corruption and distrust of the local police, Leonid discovers botched investigations, forced confessions and imprisoned innocents. Some have even been executed.

This incredible investigation takes place in the USSR of the 1980s. Through perseverance, Leonid will arrest the real culprit and put an end to the activities of the sinister strangler of Vitebsk.


A friend at any cost

Lonely and friendless, Hira is at the bottom of his class at his high school. His stutter adds to his feeling of being out of place.

With the new semester, Hira makes the acquaintance of Kiyoi, a brilliant classmate but a loner who treats everyone with cold disdain. Hira idolizes Kiyoi.

But an incident changes the power dynamics, and the relationship between the two boys makes a sudden turn.


What are the chances that a superstar will fall in love with a fan?

Gia, an avid fan of Korean dramas, hopes of one day meeting her favorite actor, Korean superstar Jun Ho. She works as a grade school teacher and one day participates in a special training in Seoul. She sees this as a step closer to her dream but, unfortunately, all her efforts are in vain.

Back in Manila, Gia helps a drunken man being beaten by gangsters. Much to Gia’s surprise and delight the man is no other than Jun Ho. He is in the Philippines to take care of his half Filipino nephew, Paopao, whose father just passed away. To show his gratitude, Jun Ho offers Gia a job as Paopao’s stay-in tutor. Gia falls deeply in love with her idol while Jun Ho takes notice of Gia’s simplicity and innate kindness. Soon, they become a couple.

It’s almost a perfect Korean love story for Gia until Paopao’s real mother resurfaces.


Whose heart is it?

As a successful heart transplant recipient, Hope receives a new lease on life and decides to move back to Davao to save her family’s ailing chocolate business. There, she meets Ponce, the son of the chocolate farm owner who Hope wants to partner with.

Hope’s city girl attitude makes Ponce doubtful if she has what it takes to save the business. In the same manner, Hope is constantly annoyed by Ponce’s know-it-all posture. Despite their constant bickering, they unconsciously start warming up to each other. Soon, what used to be a bitter relationship turned into something as sweet as chocolate.

But a secret is revealed that threatens their budding romance: Hope’s heart donor was Ponce’s girlfriend who tragically died in an accident. This triggers old feelings that Ponce tried hard to forget. Is Hope really in love or is it just the heart of a past love still beating for Ponce?


Fun unlimited

Toritsu Mizushogyo High School is the first of its kind in Japan, let alone in the world. It is a public school specializing in nighttime entertainment.

There, you can learn how to become a hostess, a manager, to work at a gay bar or in the sex industry.

All types of classes are offered ensuring that the future of fun at night will be alive and well.


Rock the boat!

The drama is set on board the training ship of a marine pilot university.

Two girls, Marin and Tsubame, have just joined a place where 80% of the students are boys. Together with their classmates, battling unimaginable sea sickness, they struggle to get through the month-long, harsh navigation training.

We share their experiences on the high seas as well as back on land.


A man and the eccentric women in his life

Hiroshi Ono, was abandoned by his mother when he was still young. He meets all kinds of women with whom he clashes at times or runs from at other times

The first woman he fell in love with was a bicycle thief. He lost his virginity to a woman in a wheelchair. And the woman he loved the most, Asuka, makes a living selling her saliva to perverts.

Focusing on the years Hiroshi spent with Asuka, it depicts the good-for-nothing life of this hopeless man who lived at the mercy of wild and crazy women.


Investigations in the heart of New Caledonia

This series immerses us into the daily life of a criminal squad in Noumea, New Caledonia.

The team is made of Clarissa, the captain, a widow raising 2 teenagers by herself; Gaspard an old-fashioned cop; Jackson a young lieutenant and Kelly the brigade geek.

Inevitably, their personal lives intertwine with their investigations.

PATI [6x52’]

Sentenced for dreaming

Pati is the bubbly eldest of a dysfunctional family with an absent father and a junkie mother.

She combines the roles of surrogate mother to her two younger siblings and cook in a small local restaurant, all the while trying to lead the life of a young woman her own age.

Her dream is to enter a prestigious chef training program, but when her dream is about to become reality, everything collapses around her. Holding her family together will land her in jail.


The difficult journey of finding the perfect match

A career woman, a nurse, an unattainable beauty and an everyday woman with low self-esteem, all with different views on love, are looking for a husband.

They join spouse-hunting parties and dating apps, but finding the perfect match doesn’t work out as expected. At times, they get unwittingly involved with married men, at other times, they become friends with benefits.

Will they ever find happiness?


The fatal 60 seconds

When Jonah Lee dies for 60 seconds he gains a special power, the power of having premonition of fatal accidents and being able to be at the "wrong place and time" for that last 60 seconds.

Jonah is a reluctant hero and perhaps the last person ready to help anyone else but himself.

He sees the visions as a curse rather than a gift. He begins a journey to discover his life purpose and why he was chosen. Maybe this wasn’t given for him to save others but rather to save himself.


Royal loves and shemes

The plot takes place in Bhutin, a fictitious country. Crown Prince In and Kaning are getting into a family arranged marriage. Before that, the Prince had a girlfriend named Minnie. He had asked for her hand but she rejected him. Neeedless to say, Minnie now regrets doing so and wants the Prince back.

Meanwhile, the former Crown princess wants the throne back for her son, Prince In's cousin.

But as Prince In and Kaning spend time together they begin to develop feelings towards each other. How will their love story unfold?


Adapted from the very popular comic book

Hachimitsu Academy is a private boarding high school that used to be all-girl but is turning coed this year.

Only 5 boys have been admitted and are excited just thinking about what school life will be like at Hachimitsu with over 1,000 girls attending. But one day, when they get caught peeking into the girls’ bathroom, they are forced to spend a month in the “Prison” by the “Secret School Council,” a committee that rules the school with an iron fist.

While the boys try various means to free themselves, the “ Council” will go to any length to drive the boys into withdrawing from school.


Love and hate go hand in hand

Mika, who is hated by all the other girls at work, receives a letter. Inside is an ultrasound of a fetus she knows nothing about. As of that day, mysterious things begin happening around her. She’s suddenly unable to reach her fiancé, Toru; at one point, a mysterious man appears in front of her.

What is happening? Who is responsible for all of this?

Love and hate swirl together in this shocking love/suspense drama.


Let me purify your room

Miko Yakumo is constantly moving from one dubious apartment to another. Her line of work involves purifying abodes where unnatural death has occurred, "laundering" them and making them livable for the next tenants.

At every residence, she encounters the original tenant turned ghost who hasn't been able to cross over into the spirit world. And since she is able to see them, she ends up having to listen to all their troubles and woes.

When she reconnects with her insufferable former neighbour, love blossoms between them.

SHE SAVED ME [2x52’]

Intertwined destinies

This is the story of two women, Julie and Laura, victims of domestic violence.
This is the story of their life with their abuser, the man they once loved.
This is the story of their struggle with the institutions that were supposed to help them.

Two intertwined destinies where Julie's sacrifice will allow Laura to survive.


Love among the zombies

Six men and women who have survived a zombie virus pandemic in Japan are holding up in a shopping mall.

Problems abound, given their limited supplies. Nevertheless, love blossoms simply from living together.

What will it take to survive, and who will stick with who?


A frustrated housewife experiences

After three years of marriage and a career left behind, Michiru feels the distance between her and her husband.

One day, Michiru receives a brochure from a subscription service that facilitates adultery for married people.

Before long, her hidden desires rush forth, and she meets a wide range of men, including CEOs, doctors, chefs, and hot younger men, and goes on numerous secret dates while spending more and more money.


A mysterious disappearance

Detective Cheyenne Tinihu teams up with police captain Félix Kleber to help him find his daughter, Roxanne, who has mysteriously disappeared on the island of Tahiti.

During the investigation, Cheyenne discovers shamanic powers of her own, inherited from her supposedly dead father.

With different methods and opposing personalities, Félix and Cheyenne combine their respective talents to probe the mysterious disappearance of Roxane who had been studying archaeology and working on a thesis about the island’s sacred sites.


A most cruel master

This series is inspired by the true story of Countess Dariya Saltykova who, due to her cruelty, went down in history as an infamous serial killer.

When her husband dies in 1755, Dariya is 26 years old and becomes one of the richest women in Moscow. She takes a lover but the latter's betrayal plunges her in fits rage that will never leave her. During several years, she will torture and kill her serfs, mainly women. She is finally found guilty of 38 murders but she is attributed at least a hundred more.

Queen Catherine II put an end to her tyranny by sending her to a monastery prison, where she spent 33 years until her death.


The incredible sting operation to capture the boss of the Neapolitan Mafia

This series is inspired by real-life events and by the incredible sting operation carried out in 2010 by an anti-mafia unit in Naples, which led to the capture of the boss of the Neapolitan Mafia, Antonio Iovine, who has been hiding out for 14 years in the outskirts of the city.

Agents Arturo, Salvo, Rosanna, Carlo, Francesco and Laura are committed to a mission that everyone consider impossible. But they are willing to pay a very high price to succeed, putting at stake both their own lives and those of their loved ones.


The capture of the other Neapolitan Mafia boss

This story is inspired by real-life events and by the incredible sting operation carried out in 2011 by an anti-mafia unit in Naples, which ledto the capture of the boss of the Neapolitan Mafia, Michele Zagaria, who has been hiding out for 16 in his home town Casapesenna. One year after the catch of Iovine, this arrest will definitely mark the end of the Casalesi clan.

After the catch of Iovine, Romano’s team is on the war path again, using infiltration and intimidation.

And once again, they will have to pay a high price to succeed.


2 brothers. 2 worlds.

As young boys, Gael and JR were separated by tragedy and grew up as adults in two different worlds. While Gael lives in hardship and works hard to support his family, JR is cocooned in a rich family and becomes a ruthless businessman. For him, everything and everyone has a price.

After several years of carrying the burdens of the past, the 2 brothers meet again through Mia, a dancer and the woman they both fall in love with.

Will Mia's love be the bridge for Gael and JR to be brothers again, or will their love for her further draw them apart?


A chilling thriller in the heart of Siberia

The Arctic Circle. Residents of a tiny, ever white snow town live a simple life, quiet and unhurried. Everything is turned upside down when ambitious Moscow detective Maxim Pokrovsky is sent to investigate the most shocking crime in local memory: the death of a local oligarch’s daughter.

Soon, Maxim realizes that the motive for the crime isn’t clear and the circumstances of the young woman’s death look like a ritual killing.

As Maxim gets deeper into the case, he starts to uncover his own strange and frightening abilities.


Scary sightings

The Kumagawa hospital is situated on the outskirts of town, enveloped by the woods. Luna has just began working there for two weeks when a coworker encounters a girl in school uniform covered in blood who absconds as quickly as she appeared.

Luna is no stranger to sightings. Indeed, from a young age, she has had psychic visions, including one instance in middle school when she saw the ghost of a classmate covered in blood. The rest of her class ended up avoiding her.

At the hospital, even patients begin having ghost sightings. One night, Luna heads to the old locked-up ward to get some equipment…


A vigilante father

Since Shigeki’s wife passed away, he has raised his daughter, Ema, a 17-year-old high school student, alone. One night, she does not return from her part-time job. The police discovers her lifeless body with plenty of evidence of the violence she suffered.

A couple of days later, Shigeki receives an anonymous phone call revealing the name and address of Ema’s killer. There, he discovers pictures and videos showing his daughter’s brutal ordeal at the hands of a couple of young teenagers. Because of their age, Shigeki knows that justice will never be served. So, when he faces one of them, he loses it and kills him, then goes hunting for the accomplice.

Adapted from the work of the master of detective novels, Keigo Higashino, this dark thriller questions parents facing the brutal loss of a child and the social acceptance of revenge as a mode of justice.


Happiness through simple cooking

Yamada Fumiko, nicknamed Bun, is a poor university student who lives alone in Tokyo with her talking toy Hokusai.

A shy person and a daydreamer, Bun makes the people around her happy with imaginative, delicious food that takes little effort.


A rocky family

Taro Miura was once a prominent figure in the lunch box service business but due to various difficulties he now makes his living by collecting garbage. One day, he sees his ex-wife, Junko, with a man he does not know.

Taro ends up going back to the house he used to live in, where his Junko and their daughters reside.

Taro is unhappy about his ex-wife’s new marriage and his behavior gradually escalates.

THE MISSING [16x52’]

Each case is a new heart-stopping search

Lieutenant Colonel Zorin is a hardboiled and cynical top detective. But after a scandal in a hostage case, he has been “exiled” to the missing persons department.

In this kind of work, the police usually partners with a volunteer organization headed by Pasha, who happens to be Zorin’s son. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two men is cold and distant but they have to team up anyway.

Every two episodes reveal a new heart-stopping case.

THE TRAP [6x45’]

The secrets of a country orphanage

Olga is a best-selling novel writer. After the trauma of her husband’s death, she is suffering an emotional and creative crisis.

Looking for inspiration, she pays attention to a TV coverage about a mysterious disappearance in an orphanage.

Her visit to the place triggers a chain of ominous events larger than her book stories. She finds herself trapped in the middle of a hazardous game where dangerous criminal cases mix with Olga’s dark past.


A restaurant on the brink

With their slogan, "fast, cheap and tasty", the Tokyo Noodle Factory is patronized by many regulars who keep the shop busy.

However, the manager has been on maternity leave for two months and the new director is quite an eccentric, leaving the employees to clean up the mess after him.

Can peace return to the restaurant?


The HBO’s Asian phenomena

After the discovery of a murder that has similarities to a cold case from three years ago, the lead detective, an up-and-coming public official, and a rookie policeman are drawn together into a dark labyrinth of power play.


When life shifts

This series is the pioneer of scripted reality in France and has enjoyed successful ratings.

Reenactments have actors playing in a factual way to recount unexpected events (in a family, within a couple, or at work…) that changed the course of their lives.

Blending seamlessly fiction and testimonies from the protagonists, each self-contained episode tells a story with striking reality and hooks the viewer anxious to discover the ending.


The disappearance

Evelyn and Larry are a happily married couple. Their daughter, Ana, is a lovely child and the source of all their joy. One day, she disappears without a trace. Devastated by this tragedy, Evelyn and Larry blame each other for what happened and they eventually separate.

They are unaware that it was Odessa, a woman obsessed with Larry, who kidnapped Ana. Her purpose was to steal Larry from his wife. Ana is detained in a barn deep in the woods, isolated from any human interaction.

One day, when Ana is about 18, she manages to escape. Can she still live a normal life? Will she ever be reunited with her family?


A journalist's dream assignment

Megumi Kanbayashi has been a freelance writer for five years. As a just-turned-30 single woman, she is beginning to feel the pangs of marriage anxiety. One day, Megumi’s editor brings her an idea for a series to be offered on the internet. It’s a novel premise : advertise for a single male looking for a relationship, let him pick a restaurant for a blind date during which he will woo her over a meal.

Megumi loves the idea of a free, delicious meal and seizes the opportunity. And so begins the search for candidates for the "WINE, DINE AND WOO ME" column series.

Actual restaurants in Tokyo are featured in every episode.


The limits of sexless love

Lovebirds at the office, Naoya and Natsuna are plagued by sexlessness and a lifestyle discrepancy.

Everything is turned upside down when a new colleague enters the picture and sets to seduce Naoya in every way he can.

YSABEL [154x45’]

Surrogate mother

Ysabel is a devoted single mother who struggles with caring for her ailing daughter, Maymay, who has leukemia. Ysabel works as a personal assistant to Scarlet, a materialistic former beauty queen. Scarlet’s husband is a successful businessman whose only wish is to have a child of his own. Scarlet is barren. She suggests to her husband that they hire a surrogate. The couple choose Ysabel because she is a trusted friend and she also needs the money to pay for her medical bills.

However, during Ysabel’s pregnancy, her daughter gets into an accident and passes away. Maymay’s death depresses Ysabel and she runs away with her unborn child. When she delivers, she names the child Maya, in memory of Maymay.

Many years later, Scarlet finally catches up with Ysabel and forcibly takes Maya back.


Stories based on the best selling novels from the queen of suspense

Each movie recreates the tense and distinctive atmosphere of Mary Higgins Clark’s books which have captivated millions of readers all around the world.


From the best selling novels from the queen of suspense

Each of these movies recreates the tense and distinctive atmosphere of Mary Higgins Clark’s books which have captivated millions of readers all around the world.

These films host a prestigious international cast including: Kristin Scott-Thomas, Sex in the City’s Kim Cattrall, Christopher Lee, French stars Annie Girardot and Stéphane Audran and German actor Werner Stocker.