Hunting the "Vitebsk Strangler"

Format: HD
Duration: 10x52’
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Available versions: Russian | English (subtitles)
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From 1971 to 1985, the "Vitebsk Strangler" tortured and killed 36 women in Belarus. No one made the connection between the different murders and suspected a serial killer until 1984, when Leonid, an investigator who had come from Minsk for something else, began to look into the cases.

Confronted with the inertia, corruption and distrust of the local police, Leonid discovers botched investigations, forced confessions and imprisoned innocents. Some have even been executed.

This incredible investigation takes place in the USSR of the 1980s. Through perseverance, Leonid will arrest the real culprit and put an end to the activities of the sinister strangler of Vitebsk.