What are the chances that a superstar will fall in love with a fan?

Format: HD
Duration: 67x45’
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Available versions: Philippino | English (subtitles)
Rights: All Rights | Europe
Production: GMA


Gia, an avid fan of Korean dramas, hopes of one day meeting her favorite actor, Korean superstar Jun Ho. She works as a grade school teacher and one day participates in a special training in Seoul. She sees this as a step closer to her dream but, unfortunately, all her efforts are in vain.

Back in Manila, Gia helps a drunken man being beaten by gangsters. Much to Gia’s surprise and delight the man is no other than Jun Ho. He is in the Philippines to take care of his half Filipino nephew, Paopao, whose father just passed away. To show his gratitude, Jun Ho offers Gia a job as Paopao’s stay-in tutor. Gia falls deeply in love with her idol while Jun Ho takes notice of Gia’s simplicity and innate kindness. Soon, they become a couple.

It’s almost a perfect Korean love story for Gia until Paopao’s real mother resurfaces.