The inevitable game of cat and mouse between cops and criminal

Format: HD
Duration: 26x45’
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Available versions: French | English (subtitles)
Rights: All Rights | French speaking Europe, Spain


Season 1
At dawn, in a muddy field next to a dairy farm, a car lies flipped on its side with its doors open. Close by, 2 bodies lie on the frozen ground. Chief investigator of the regional office, 37-year-old Constance Forest is sent to the scene. But the double killing is only the beginning of a murderous saga.

Season 2
It all starts when Café Firenze, one of the rallying points of the Italian Mafia, is stormed by a masked gunman who kills the godfather's nephew. The main witness to this whole affair, Jimmy O’Connor, is also a member of the Lauzon criminal clan. That same evening, the mysterious disappearance of the head of Lauzon clan muddles the issue further.

Season 3
Turkeys are walking in a Crop Circle in the center of which is the body of Benoît Charron, a local adept of UFOs. Quickly, the murders multiply in Mascouche. This is most likely related to the early release of a notorious criminal who has come to recover his share of a local drug deal.