The clothes do not make the woman

Format: HD
Duration: 180x45’
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Available version: English (subtitles)
Rights: TV & VOD Rights | Europe
Production: GMA


Rome and Emma’s marriage is seemingly a perfect one. But after some years, Emma begins to neglect her appearance. In contrast, Rome is envious of his friends whose wives take good care of themselves and who always accompany their husbands to social gatherings.

One day, Rome crosses paths with Georgia, Emma’s old friend. She flirts with Rome and they eventually fall in love and have an affair. When Emma discovers it, Rome chooses to stay with Georgia. Soon after, Rome, Georgia and Austin, the son he has had with Emma, leave to start a new life abroad.

After a few years, Rome, Georgia and Austin are back. By this time, Emma has recovered from her heartbreak and has reinvented herself into a beautiful and successful businesswoman. When Emma and Rome cross paths, he is stunned by her transformation. Rome realizes his mistake and plans to return to Emma. But Georgia has other plans.