Burned. Forgotten. Resurrected.

Format: HD
Duration: 80x45’
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Available versions: Philippino | English subtitles
Rights: TV & VOD / Europe
Producer: GMA


Joyce is an aspiring interior designer and wants to start a family with her boyfriend, Noel. One day, Joyce meets Ronaldo, a big client and owner of a huge real estate company. Ronaldo mistakes her for a high-class prostitute and when he moves in to defile her, she resists and accidentally falls down the stairs. Panicked, thinking that Joyce is dead, Ronaldo burns Joyce’s body and dumps it deep in the forest.

Years later, Noel, having moved on from his grief, meets Kristine, a beautiful plastic surgeon. She is also Ronaldo’s illegitimate daughter. One night, Kristine gets herself into deep trouble but is luckily saved by a homeless woman with burnt skin. In gratitude, Kristine surgically restores the charred woman’s body. With a new lease on life, the homeless woman, Joyce, assumes the name Lea and starts anew.

Lea eventually finds love in Lawrence, Kristine’s half-brother. But on her wedding day, her lost memories suddenly rush back to her.