Whose heart is it?

Format: HD
Duration: 21x45’
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Available versions: Philippino | English (subtitles)
Rights: All Rights | Europe
Production: GMA


As a successful heart transplant recipient, Hope receives a new lease on life and decides to move back to Davao to save her family’s ailing chocolate business. There, she meets Ponce, the son of the chocolate farm owner who Hope wants to partner with.

Hope’s city girl attitude makes Ponce doubtful if she has what it takes to save the business. In the same manner, Hope is constantly annoyed by Ponce’s know-it-all posture. Despite their constant bickering, they unconsciously start warming up to each other. Soon, what used to be a bitter relationship turned into something as sweet as chocolate.

But a secret is revealed that threatens their budding romance: Hope’s heart donor was Ponce’s girlfriend who tragically died in an accident. This triggers old feelings that Ponce tried hard to forget. Is Hope really in love or is it just the heart of a past love still beating for Ponce?