The soccer business sees red

Format: HD
Duration: 52 ’
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Producer: HIKARI


« For a European, a Chinese football game has no interest.”
Philippe Troussier, French coach of Shenzhen Football Club.
“We play football like Brazilians play table tennis; even worse since Brazilians play a better table tennis than we us football.”
Li Weifang, former captain of the Chinese Olympic football team.

Chinese football is in dire straits to the great despair of the country fans but not for lack of money since local clubs lavish outrageous amounts of money to attract foreign players and coaches.

So why can’t China enjoy the same success in football as in other sports? To solve this enigma you need a total immersion into the strange and somewhat surrealist world of Chinese football.

This slightly provocative film goes beyond the strict sports analysis. It is an illustration of the shortcomings of a system not used to give such an image of failure to the rest of the world.