An obsessive triangle

Format: HD
Duration: 23x52’
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Available versions: Portuguese | Neutral Spanish | English subtitles
Rights: TV & VOD Rights | Western Europe & Africa
Producer: HBO LATAM
Actors: Marcos Winter, Maria Luiza Mendoca, Simone Spoladore, Adriano Garib


MAGNIFICA 70 is set in the infamous district known as Boca de Lixo, in São Paulo, in the 1970's.

Vicente, 35, lives a safe but repressed middle-class life. He works in the office of the Federal Film Censor and has a routine marriage with Isabel, daughter of a general. But when he screens a naughty film, he falls for the lead actress, Dora Dumar. His fascination with her takes him to the red light district where he begins to work with Dora and Manolo, chief producer of the Magnífica film company.

This seductive but chaotic world draws all 3 together in an obsessive triangle.