Blood dramas

An episode from the series CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS

Format: HD
Duration: 52’
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Available version: French
Rights: All Rights | Worldwide except France


Christophe Dalmasso, a wealthy 34-year-old businessman, disappears in Nice, in the French Riviera. A week later, his car is found burnt out but no trace of its owner.

11 months later the businessman's body washes up on a beach, 30 kilometers from Nice. It is no longer a simple disappearance but a crime. The police investigation reveals that the origins of Christophe Dalmasso's wealth are obscure, to say the least. The man inherited 15 million euros, mostly from an elderly woman.

The police also discovers that he had been threatened recently. Was Christophe Dalmasso the victim of revenge by the heirs or a settlement of accounts? A cheque for 59,000 euros, signed by the victim, will lead the investigation down a completely unexpected path.