The kings of the Seven Seas

Format: SD 16/9
Duration: 10x26’
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Available versions: Italian | French | English
Rights: All Rights | Worldwide except North America
Directors: Bertrand Loyer, Luc Jacquet, Alain Baptizet, Thierry Thomas
Production: SAINT THOMAS


Whales, seals, dugongs, narwhals, or dolphins are marine mammals, a large family of warm-blooded cousins that has conquered the world’s oceans.

They brave storms, chilly waters, isolation, and predators. They invented sophisticated hunting techniques in order to survive. And this family holds several records in the animal world, among which the largest animal on our planet or the deepest diving one.

Filmed over 5 years across the 7 seas by the most talented wildlife directors such as Luc Jacquet ("March of the Penguins"), this series reveals unsuspected behaviors through compelling stories for family audiences.