The star with a thousand hats

Format: HD
Duration: 90’ or 52’
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Available version: French
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Bruce Willis is undoubtedly one of Hollywood's biggest stars. From his debut in the series "Moonlighting", to his roles as John McClane in "Die Hard" or as Butch in "Pulp Fiction", his career covers more than a hundred roles and as many unforgettable punchlines.

Over 40 years, Bruce Willis has built such an extensive body of work that he can’t be easily pigeon-holed. From comedy to action films, his choices have been unconventional and have turned Hollywood’s codes upside down. The star with a thousand hats has continuously expanded his palette, allowing him to join the rank of cult actors.

Driven by challenge and curiosity, Bruce Willis has worked with the greatest directors; he has been at top of the box office many times and has always been able to bounce back after having endured criticism and failures.