The story one of the only 57 survivors among 750,000 Jews

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This film is adapted from Chil Rajchman's story "I Am the Last Jew".

October 1942. Chil Rajchman is 28 years old when he is deported to Treblinka. He escaped the gas chamber by becoming a clothes sorter, a hairdresser, a corpse carrier and a "dentist". On August 2, 1943, he participated in the camp uprising and escaped. After several weeks of wandering, the young man hid with a friend near Warsaw where, in a notebook, and before the victory over the Nazis, he recounted his 10 months in hell.

At the Liberation, he was one of the only 57 survivors among the 750,000 Jews sent to Treblinka. No camp had gone so far in the rationalization of mass extermination.