The inaccessible heights of the City of Lights

Format: SD 16/9
Duration: 55 ’
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Available versions: French | Neutral Spanish | English
Director: Olivier LASSU


This visually striking documentary takes you to a fascinating land perched high above the streets of Paris. Moving from one roof to another, you will meet the people who work on the roofs and those who design or paint them... There are also those who break the law to roam the city heights, and others who live contentedly on the tops of their buildings enjoying magnificent views, relaxing in hidden gardens or bathing in their very private swimming pools.

Through this journey of the unique urban landscape of Paris, you will uncover hidden facets of its architecture, unravel the threads of its history, and meet those who have created their own little world between gleaming slate and deep blue sky.

THE ROOFTOPS OF PARIS is a poetic hymn to the stunning beauty of the City of Lights.