In northern Kenya, the most mysterious creatures are hidden underground.

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Duration: 52 ’
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Under the rocks of the savannah lies a world of eternal darkness, a secret place with unending mazes, swarming with thousands of crawling animals.

Like, for instance, the naked mole rat. It is the only mammal who organizes its life around a queen, like ants or termites. From its hairless, wrinkled skin and underdeveloped eyes to its ghastly dentition, the naked mole rat is in a category of its own. Yet these characteristics also allows the mammal to survive effectively in its environment, avoiding the many dangers present above its head in the African grasslands.

Thanks to cutting edge filming techniques, such as the reconstitution of the animal’s habitat in a large vivarium and macro shooting cameras in slow motion, this blue chip wildlife documentary dives discreetly into this underground world.