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An episode from the series MARY HIGGINS CLARK

Format: SD 16/9
Duration: 90 ’
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Available versions: French | English
Rights: TV & VOD Rights | Europe
Director: Mario Azzopardi
Actors: Patsy Kensit, Yannick Bisson


For a radio show produced by her friend, Darcy Scott, Erin Kelley agreed to answer various male classified ads. Shortly afterwards, she is found dead, murdered, wearing curiously mismatched shoes.

Darcy then decides to visit all the men her friend has met. She is convinced that the culprit is hiding among them, but the investigators do not take her seriously. She quickly discovers that the murderer has already struck 7 times. With inspector D'Salva, they set out on the trail of the alleged serial killer.

The latter, informed by television of the police investigation into Erin's death, soon reacts.