A place for laughs, drama and romance

Format: HD
Duration: 26x23’
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Available versions: Brazilian | English (subtitles)
Rights: TV & VOD Rights / Europe
Production: PRODIGO FILMS | Globosat
Actors: Miguel Thiré, Luca Bianchi, Veronica Debom, Luis Lobianco


Frederico Gonzales, a photographer from Rio who has lived abroad for many years, comes back to take ownership of a hotel in Copacabana when his father dies.

All kinds of characters, from wealthy guests to boardwalk prostitutes, bring sex stories, humour, drama and romance to the Copa Hotel, giving shape to a diverse and contemporary mosaic.

Dealing with a desperate financial situation and a city that has changed completely, Frederico’s greatest issue is trying to understand Brazil with a foreigner’s mindset.