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Duration: 90’
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Available version: French
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This documentary project is, first and foremost, a visual endeavor. For as much as America has experienced war, it has forged its identity by nurturing its martial image. While we will certainly draw upon archives to ground the narrative in history, we will also harness the plethora of visual messages that this history offers in today's America. From the countless costume reenactments of the wars of independence to the parades of veterans at every collective or commercial event.

This is, therefore, more a contemporary documentary project than a purely historical one. Signs of war in America are evident everywhere, from the parking lots of malls to cinema screens. The structure we propose is not strictly historical. It strives to narrate distinct stories that converge into a grand, epic tableau of America at war.

The individuals who will contribute their perspectives through interviews in this narrative will, of course, be meticulously chosen, thanks to the authors' expertise, from among the most distinguished. They won't be solely Americans. We will ensure that this global history is illuminated by testimonies from across all continents.