An explosive brew: sex therapy and corruption

Format: HD
Duration: 24x52’
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Available versions: Portuguese | Neutral Spanish | English
Rights: TV & VOD Rights / Western Europe & Africa
Producer: HBO LATAM
Actors: Bruna Lombardi, Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Alejandro Claveaux, Leticia Colin


Sexologist and therapist Sofia Prado manages a center for alternative therapies for couples. But while she is helping people to face up to their difficulties and desires, she also has to deal with her own emotional turmoil, which she hides from everyone.

When one of Sofia’s patient dies, she finds herself caught up in the investigation of a complex web of corruption operated by a powerful banker and businessman with a great deal of influence in the government.

A succession of events will intertwine the paths of an influential political journalist, a photographer and the seasoned detective around an investigation that could reach the highest levels of power.