When the Sopranos meet Six Feet Under

Format: HD
Duration: 43x52’
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Available versions: Portuguese | Neutral Spanish | English subtitles
Rights: TV & VOD Rights | Western Europe & Africa
Producer: HBO LATAM
Actors: Tony Dalton, Nailea Norvind, Carlos Aragon, Jorge Caballero


Season 1
Avila is an ordinary man who has decided to make his living at the expense of other people. He leads a double life: on one hand a loving husband and dedicated father and, on the other, a hitman. He is about to move up the organisation but this promotion will have a fatal impact on his family.

Season 2
Avila’s son has died. His wife is locked away in a mental hospital. His own life is under threat. Furthermore, a new detective, Erika, is shaking things up when finally Ávila is getting the business under control.

Season 3
Avila is now the Boss of Bosses, but the management of the organisation is getting more and more complex. The investigation on Erika’s death is the beginning of a startling trail of crime and corruption.